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General Wellness is a Nutrition Coaching Private Practice offering Virtual Nutrition Coaching, Corporate Wellness services, and nutrition consulting. We are based in Dallas, TX and led by Addie Roberts -- a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN, LD), who has received both a Bachelor and Master’s degree (MS) in Nutrition.

The focus of General Wellness is on showing you that you can be your healthiest self without obsession. General Wellness seeks to empower individuals to take ownership of their health by simplifying nutrition, to inspire them with convenient and simple recipes and ideas around wellness, and support them with one-on-one nutrition counseling for their specific goals. Our passion is for simplifying healthy cooking, making overall wellness achievable, eliminating toxins from our environments, encouraging physical activity that is enjoyable, and giving real and truthful nutrition advice to all who seek it. No diets or calorie counting -- just real food, with real freedom.
Led by an RD, General Wellness provides both private and corporate programs with individualized nutrition and wellness consultations for disease management, specific diet changes, overall healthy living advice, and much more. In addition to counseling and coaching sessions in our office, we work together with companies to provide customized, onsite health and wellness programs for their employees which increases engagement and productivity and improves the bottom line.
Our goal is to help our clients move towards physical, mental, and spiritual wellness in whatever capacity they can. We love being able to serve individuals at the very beginning of their health journey, as well as those who are making small, higher level adjustments in order to achieve even greater overall health. Ultimately, we strive to create an intersection where nutrition meets every day real life — only when wellness is sustainable long-term is it truly beneficial. Contact us today to set up a consultation!

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