About Addie

Hey y’all! I am Addie Abohosh, MS RDN LD, Founder of General Wellness LLC. I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN, LD) with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Nutrition (MS). I am a Texan, born and raised and I currently live in the bright and shining Austin, Texas. I am a proud graduate of the University of Texas at Austin - Hook Em Horns.

General Wellness serves to contribute to your inspiration through instagram photos, stories, and recipes; your knowledge through YouTube videos helping you find answers to common nutrition questions; and support system through one-on-one nutrition counseling with me to help you reach your health goals and find peace with food and your body.

The General Wellness Philosophy:

At General Wellness, we trust in real food and real ingredients, scientific research, and the power of food as medicine. Our passion is for simplifying healthy cooking, making overall wellness achievable, encouraging physical activity that is enjoyable, and giving real and truthful nutrition advice to all who seek it. Addie is an RDN who practices with no diets or calorie counting, just real food & real freedom. Our goal is to help you to strive towards physical, mental, and spiritual wellness in whatever capacity you can. We love being able to serve individuals at the very beginning of their health journey as well as those who are making small, higher level adjustments in order to achieve even greater overall health.

Although we do love cooking, being active, and talking about nutrition, we hope to help you find the intersection where nutrition meets your everyday, real life. Only when wellness is sustainable longterm is it truly beneficial!

All photographs and (almost all) recipes are developed by Addie; we hope you enjoy! 


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Email: addie@generalwellnessnutrition.com