Meal Prep Breakfast Tacos

Maybe it's a Texas thing, but I sure do love breakfast tacos. And this past week I was on the road a lot for my internship, which I was not looking forward to. So, I decided to make a breakfast that I WOULD look forward to each morning. These are freezable and therefore, quick and easy in the morning because you can make enough for a week at 1 time.



1 dozen eggs

1 package of breakfast sausage

1/2 cup cheese

10 tortillas

Salsa and avocado (optional...also don't freeze with these ingredients on top)



1) Prepare the dozen scrambled eggs in a pan and set aside

2) Cook the breakfast sausage in a pan thoroughly

3) Place 10 tortillas each on an individual sheet of aluminum foil

4) Evenly divide eggs, sausage, and cheese onto all 10 tortillas.

5) Cool, wrap, and freeze

6) To reheat, unwrap 2 breakfast tacos and place on a plate. Microwave on defrost setting for 2 minutes, then on high for 1 minute and 30 seconds. 

7) Top with salsa, avocado, or anything else and enjoy!