Potato Kale Soup

Ahhhh, the infamous KALE. But it's bitter and you hate it, right? Trust me friends, I haven't steered you wrong before (if I have, let's talk). The kale hides wonderfully in this recipe. All the benefits, none of the yuck. + potatoes bc potatoes are delicious. 



- 3 cup fresh kale, chopped

- 3 raw chicken breast

- 4 cups chicken broth

- 10 butter potatoes (or red potatoes if desired), chopped into 1 inch cubes

- 2 cups of baby carrots (optional)

- Chopped garlic

- Chopped onion, if desired

- 1 tbsp salt & 1 tbsp pepper



1. Combine all ingredients into a crock pot

2. Cook for 3-4 hours on High or 7-8 hours on Low