The Fear of Fat (Dairy Fat, That Is)

A lot of people fear dairy. They call it the enemy of all enemies. And to be honest, there’s not a lot of convincing evidence either way whether or not dairy is a wonder food or something we should completely avoid. Everthing in moderation, right?? So I just choose not to have dairy in excess. I do not drink cow’s milk regularly (but sometimes have it in the form of ice cream..duh). Instead, I use coconut milk in almost everything! There’s no real reason why I choose to avoid cow’s milk, but this is just my nutrition lifestyle! I also do eat yogurt pretty regularly, and occasionally cheese. There’s really NO reason to avoid dairy in my opinion. Moderation, friends.


** DISCLAIMER: dairy may not be appropriate for you. For some people, dairy causes skin issues and digestive discomfort. If this is the case, you should avoid it!! Do whatever works for YOU and your body, not just what works for me…I’m just giving my opinion here, whether people even read it or not **


So ok I can have dairy…but better to have a lower fat option or the full-fat option?


            There is evidence that full-fat dairy (think whole milk yogurt…TJ’s brand, duh) makes you feel fuller longer by delaying stomach emptying! And for this reason, full-fat dairy may also help keep your blood sugar from spiking. There are also studies that show the consumption of high fat dairy lowering risk of heart disease, obesity, and related complications. WOO HOO! All good things, ppl.


And, if all of that didn’t convince you to ditch the fear of fat…ANOTHER study compared low-fat dairy to full-fat dairy and showed that there was no significant difference between the two in regards to heart disease and the dietary recommendations to consume only low-fat dairy products were not supported.


So, I’ll be choosing the full-fat dairy options because this girl needs to stay full. Plus, it tastes amazing. A double win for me. 

Addie Abohosh