Why I'm Hoping To Run Myself Out of Business


With only FIVE weeks left of rotations in my dietetic internship, I've been reflecting about this past year and my journey to becoming an RD. I've been exposed to a lot of different realms in the nutrition field and have been focusing these past 3-4 months on one I truly love: one-on-one nutrition counseling (specifically a private practice setting). 

When I tell people I want to do this for a living, I almost always get the immediate question..."Can you make me a meal plan?!" *ensue major eye rolling*. I really don't feel like my roll as an RD will be to tell people specifically what to eat every day of their life. That's not sustainable. But what I am passionate about is teaching people how to develop a healthy outlook on food, teaching them what is best for their body, and helping them make their own decisions on what to eat on a daily basis. 

Don't get me wrong, I want to be there right along side people helping them make the healthiest choices for themselves or helping guide them to their particular health goals. But I don't believe that me giving them a 3 week menu cycle meal plan is what is going to help them reach those goals. I want to counsel people, educate people, and live this lifestyle right alongside people. Because ultimately, I think all RDs should want to run themselves out of business. We should be so driven to TEACH everyone how to life healthy lifestyles based on proven science and nutrition knowledge so that America no longer has an obesity epidemic and french fries and Dr. Pepper (sry, Connor) aren't staples in our diets. I mean shouldn't that be the goal? Being so good at educating the public on nutrition science that one day (probably far, far in the future) this knowledge is so ingrained in us that people will only be coming to check in with their local RD just to have check-ups, like you would at the doctor or dentist, not for drastic life change? 


This is what I am striving for, y'all. I want to empower, educate, and encourage people toward wellness. I want to be that for you! And for everyone! But I just can't feel right about handing out menus to follow...I wouldn't be doing y'all (or my future profession) justice. 

Addie Abohosh