Collagen Peptides: How do They Really Benefit Us?

Collagen peptides or collagen powder as a form of protein and beauty supplement are becoming all the rage lately. So let’s figure out what we’re going to believe about the topic. In this article we will discuss what the claims are and how research does or does not back them up.

            The major claims for collagen peptides are that it reduces fine lines and wrinkles and provides nourishment to the gut.


Studies have shown the reduction of wrinkles when collagen formulations are applied topically (directly ON to skin), but do we see the same benefits when they are taken by mouth?

Collagen hydrolysate (aka collagen peptides or collagen powder) has been shown to reduce joint pain, bone loss, and skin aging when taken by mouth. Collagen peptides has also been shown to be safe when taken long term to prevent bone and collagen loss as well as combat aging skin.

In a study where (at least) 1 gram of collagen peptides were taken daily by mouth for 12 weeks, there was significant reduction in wrinkle appearance on the participants skin and increased elasticity and hydration of skin. Although they did not mention what kind of collagen, I've found that there are two main types: bovine (cows) and marine (fish).


There are no significant research articles suggesting that collagen peptides actually provides protection to the gut. There are also not any significant amount of research articles about bone broth either, but the claims are the same for bone broth. Most of what we have to go on for these are testimonials and personal experience.

If you have been around General Wellness long enough, you know that I have struggled with IBS in the past without much relief despite several trial and error processes. BUT one of the things that finally had me feeling better was incorporating collagen peptides and bone broth protein powder. Even still, when my stomach symptoms come back, I get back on a regimen of taking these regularly again and watch my symptoms subside. 

Call is placebo effect if you want, but there are several people out there finding the same relief. So while there is no research to back up these claims, collagen peptides are beneficial for skin health and joint pain as well and there is no harm in seeing if this works to repair your gut and help you feel better as well! 


Marine Collagen – when taken orally by patients with Type 2 Diabetes, it was shown to significantly decrease triglyceride levels, cholesterol levels, blood glucose levels, and blood pressure. That’s pretty good results, my friends.

I also use collagen peptides as a cleaner form of protein powder to increase the protein content in smoothies, while also getting these benefits. It can be difficult to find a high quality source of protein powder that’s not packed with a ton of sugar, artificial sugar, and other ingredients you don’t want to consume. I’ve found that collagen peptides are perfect as a protein powder, while also giving you these other benefits. I’ve made collagen protein bites for a high protein snack as well! Why not get some added benefits while getting protein you need to keep you full at meals and snacks? Check out a few recipes at the end of this article.

Need more convincing? Read even more about health benefits of collagen peptides, including the top 6 benefits of collagen peptides.


In summary, collagen peptides HAVE been shown to reduce some wrinkles when taken orally and applied topically. In addition, you may find some gut repairing benefits, less joint pain, and maybe even some blood lab stabilization. These collagen peptides can be expensive, but I find that they are worth the money if you’re in need of them. Not sure where to get your collagen peptides? Vital Proteins is a great, reputable source of collagen peptides in all forms (check out their collagen water too - SO good). Click HERE to view their collagen peptides!

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