Corporate Wellness: Why It Is Now Considered a Business Necessity


Companies with thriving employees have come to realize that a happier, more productive employee ensures company success. In contrast, a stressed and dissatisfied employee often yields inadequate results. Job satisfaction and retention of employees are top priorities of leaders who wants their company to succeed. Corporate wellness programs provide this shift towards a thriving company atmosphere while also lowering company healthcare costs and absenteeism from sick days. Now we also know from the American Journal of Health Promotion that employees who feel their leadership is supporting health promotion participated at higher levels in their wellness programs, had lower job stress, and increased health behaviors. 

Four categories contributing to chronic disease and increased healthcare costs should also be addressed as part of your corporate wellness program. These four categories are physical inactivity, poor nutrition, tobacco use, and alcohol consumption. The CDC reports that if these problems were eliminated, 80% of heart disease and stroke, 80% of type 2 diabetes, and 40% of cancer would be prevented. As medical professionals, Registered Dietitians (RD’s) are equipped to provide nutrition intervention to lower chronic disease risk and occurrence through nutrition counseling to promote overall healthier lifestyle choices. One on one appointments with dietitians ensure lasting lifestyle changes with specifically tailored advice based on employee goals and past medical history.

“The American Journal of Health Promotion analysis found that for every dollar invested in workplace wellness, employers could expect a return on investment (ROI) of $5.81 thanks to the improved employee health and reduced medical claims.” - full article here


In order to ensure that your company also reaches the maximum return on investment, one on one nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian should be incorporated into your corporate wellness framework. The one-on-one nutrition counseling sessions with medical professionals (RD’s) are typically covered by company insurance policies, creating an additional incentive for employees to partner with their RD and create a healthier lifestyle. 

Corporate Wellness programs lower healthcare costs while increasing company productivity and therefore, overall growth and profit margin. At General Wellness, these corporate wellness programs featuring one-on-one nutrition counseling with an RD help ensure your company’s success from the ground up. This is offered at little to no cost per year to the company by working with existing insurance plans. How will you ensure growth at your company this year? Let General Wellness help. Learn more about our programs here.


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