Corporate Wellness


HOw it works:

Our corporate wellness offerings are flexible and can be customized to each company's need. Our services always provide one-on-one nutrition coaching with employees, with additional services as you see fit. Because our nutrition coach is a Registered Dietitian, the nutrition coaching appointments are often covered by insurance providers (we are currently contracted with Blue Cross and United Health Care). When covered, these services can be offered free of charge to all of your employees!

Typically, our Registered Dietitian establishes regular, monthly onsite visits to your company to meet one-one-one with employees to discuss their nutrition and wellness goals, and create a tangible plan for them to implement. Virtual nutrition appointments are also offered for convenience!

Other services include:

  • Nutrition Presentations (offered a la carte as well)

  • Cooking Demonstrations

  • Collaboration on Health Fairs

  • Virtual Nutrition Content (bi-weekly emails, recipes, & nutrition videos)

General Wellness helped me gain proper knowledge of food instead of just believing that certain foods are ‘bad’. I am healthier both physically and mentally because of the freedom mindset General Wellness has shown me!
— Current Client

WHY corporate wellness

Employees are humans. At the end of the day, how well they perform is often tied to how well they are engaged at work. Companies that focus on building their employees often have the best results in regard to performance and financial returns.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) lists 4 causes of chronic disease in our country among U.S. adults: 1) inactivity 2) poor nutrition 3) tobacco use 4) frequent alcohol consumption. The CDC reports that if these problems were eliminated, 80% of heart disease and stroke, 80% of type 2 diabetes, and 40% of cancer would be prevented. Adults in the workforce with these medical conditions cost both themselves and their employers money every year. 

Wellness programs have become not only a beneficial part, but a necessary part of corporations and workplaces in recent years due to rising healthcare costs. Nutrition-focused counseling by a Registered Dietitian ensures that your employees create and maintain healthy lifestyle choices longterm.

Addie has entirely changed the way that I view the food that I eat. Upon the start of our relationship, she was lovingly debunking the fad diets that I had controlling my thoughts. She was replacing my restricting mindset with freedom in my diet. She broke down the science behind health in a way that was easy for me to understand, and she continues to shape the way that I view my overall heath.
— Current Client


Corporate wellness programs are a great way to show employees that you not only care about their work, but their wellbeing and health as well. This creates a positive shift in company culture, which in turn increases productivity and job satisfaction, and ultimately lowers company healthcare expenditures.

Employees who participate in corporate wellness programs begin to feel more motivated about their own health, have improved quality of life, & are more productive in the workplace.

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Addie is knowledgeable, genuine, and personable. She helped me recognize my inappropriate view of health & wellness that was subconsciously controlling my thoughts. I would recommend that everyone have a consult with General Wellness so that you, too, can learn more about what it looks like to find freedom!
— Current Client


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