Pizza Rolls with Veggie Sauce

My sister made these pizza rolls for her two little kids and after trying them, I was hooked! Shredding vegetables into pizza rolls? Definitely yes. I added a few more veggies to try it out, and chose the Whole Wheat pizza dough from Trader Joe's as a little variation. Enjoy!


Ingredients (Makes 18 pizza rolls):

3 packages of ready to cook pizza dough from Trader Joe's (or another variation elsewhere)

16 oz pizza sauce

1 1/2 cup baby carrots

1 1/2 cup mushrooms

1 head of broccoli, with stems cut off

1 cup spinach

1 Tbsp lemon juice

1 package of Trader Joe's vegan mozzarella cheese



1) Preheat the oven to 425 degrees

2) Blend pizza sauce and all vegetables together in a blender with lemon juice

3) Tear each package of pizza dough into 6 pieces (totaling 18 pizza rolls)

4) Flatten each ball of pizza dough and add 2 Tbsp pizza sauce and a pinch of cheese in the middle

5) Squeeze the edges of the dough together to form a ball and place on a baking sheet

6) Sprinkle the top of the pizza rolls with olive oil, cheese, and a pinch of salt

7) Bake for 10 minutes 

Addie Abohosh