Nutrition Consulting

General Wellness provides one-on-one and group nutrition consulting to businesses, sports teams, and organizations or groups of individuals. This consultation service may include a variety of nutrition services including tailored nutrition advice, custom nutrition presentations, recipe demonstrations, and question and answer sessions.

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One-on-one consultations

One-on-one consultations through an online video chat platform in order to give you customized nutrition advice tailored around your health goals, lab works, and past medical history. The accountability provided through one-on-one nutrition consultations allows you to reach your health goals in a sustainable, healthy, practical way. Each individual’s schedule, lifestyle, likes, and dislikes are considered when meal suggestions and advice is given. In-person appointments also available in Austin, TX.

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MEnu nutrition analysis


Product Contribution & Review

Do you own your own restaurant of food truck? General Wellness offers menu analysis that complies with the FDA menu analysis standards to restaurants with <10 locations. This services provides details about the nutritional information in each food on your menu and gives customers a sense of trust that your establishment cares about the quality of the food you are providing.

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I love working with real food, real ingredients, and products that make cooking & living a healthy lifestyle easier for everyone. If you think your product aligns with my values and goals, please email for rates.

Unique photography: content development for your brand.

Unique recipe development: if you are interested in having a recipe developed that includes your product or is geared toward your particular group of people, please email me for rates and options. Recipe will be included in both my online recipe archive and a blog post. 

Product reviews are also available. We require that the food be approved before a review is considered. Once the food is accepted, an honest review, endorsement, and blog post or recipe can be developed with the food item. Email for more information.