Beet Smoothie

So I'm gonna give you a good sized warning here - this smoothie wasn't great. HAHA.

But I mean come on, beets are incredible. Every now and then I force myself to eat them (yes, force). And smoothies are 1) so easy for me and 2) so soothing to my stomach - I suffer from an off and on stomach ulcer that causes stomach pain and warmth. 

I probably could've done a better job here with this smoothie if I boiled the beets until they were soft and then blended them in once cooled down. But, I blended them raw (hence, the chunky nature of the smoothie in the image). I suggest trying them boiled!! I also suggest sending me your feedback here once you try it because I'm trying to make #believers in beets and want to know how it went. 



- 3 small beets, boiled for smoother consistency

- 1/2 peeled orange

- 1/2 frozen banana

- 1/2 cup liquid of choice (orange juice to compliment)

Addie Abohosh